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Ayutthaya Thailand Hotels

clear picture Ayutthaya is a dazzling ancient capital that still retains its compelling charm till present. Thus, Ayutthaya's Historical Park is wealthy of illustrious sites and artifacts, included in a UNESCO World Heritage list since 1991. A day excursion from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is popular whether you opt for cheap and cheerful train ride or take your time on a cruise boast observing the Thai riverside lifestyle. In Western Ayutthaya, ruins within temple compounds with headless Buddha are thriving - typically captured in numerous tourist postcards. Once an exploration is sufficient, don't forget to sample a bowl of 10 baht tasty boat noodles or seek a shelter in an atmospheric Thai restaurant and ask for oversized river prawns to be served!

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*Ayutthaya's English name and spelling are least standardised - it is also known as Ayotaya, Ayothaya, Ayudhya, Ayutaya, Ayuthaya and Ayuttaya.

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