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Check this out if you plan a trip to Chiang Mai! This fascinating destination of northern Thailand is not only welcome travelers with hundreds choices of interesting attractions scattered in every part of the province but also interesting facts and stories only few people know. Here, we have 10 little facts about Chiang Mai which will let you travel with more fun. Let's find out!

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


It's the Land of Elephant

Love elephant? Want to see the cuteness of the animal? Chiang Mai is where you should head for. There are many elephant camp in Chiang Mai that you can go to watch their talent in elephant shows, ride elephant through jungle, feed them, or even play and bath with them.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


But...None Allowed in the City

Ironically, due to the law, elephants are not allowed in the city. If you see them on the street of Chiang Mai, they probable sneak in against the law. The reason is that the animal is walk slowly and can be hit by traffic. Also, asphalt road is too hot and not good for their soft and sensitive feet.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


The City of 300 Temples

The city has more than 300 "wat" scattered throughout the old city and surrounding suburbs. Each one can be dated back between the 13th and 18th centuries built with beautiful "Lanna" style which characterised by lavishly carved wooden panels golden decorations. Don't miss, if you love to visit beautiful traditional buildings.

For the number, it's still too much to visit all even if you dedicate a day for temple hunt. We recommend Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is the most famous, as well as Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh which are located inside the Old City wall and easily accessible.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


One of the Most Easiest Province to Go

This province is one of the easiest to reach both from Bangkok and outside of Thailand. There are dozen of direct flights that will take you to Chiang Mai in less than an hour from Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi airport, as well as flights from several airports around the Globe. If you prefer travel by land, there are buses are run round the clock from Mo Chit in Bangkok, also 5 trains daily from Bangkok Station including 2 sleeping trains .


It's Has Only 2 Train Stations

Believe it or not, despite being the most developed city of northern Thailand, it only has 2 train stations -- Chiang Mai and Saraphee. 3 time less in number if you compare to the neighbour Lamphun province which has area 4 times smaller (Lamphun has 6 stations).

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No Bus Inside the City

If you want to get around the city with public transport, just forget about the bus, as there are NO bus within Chiang Mai city. There was buses couple of decades ago, but none left today. You can use taxi, "Tuk Tuk" and "Sonh Thaw Daeng" or red truck. Tell them where you want to go and they will take you to the place, wherever you want (just make sure to ask about the price first).

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


But Uber is Cheapest and Easiest

Looking for a cheaper (and sometime more reliable) alternative to get around the city, try using Uber or Grab application on your smartphone. It save you a lot when you need to tell the driver where you wanna go, easier to communicate with the driver and no problem about cost negotiation.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Has Its Own Culture

You may have noticed that Chiang Mai has many things different from other part of Thailand. At first glimpse, you may notice that cultural events are celebrated differently especially Loy Krathong which Chiang Mai people set afloat lantern instead of float raft on water. If you look close you will notice they speak different dialect, eat different food, and have their own unique way of life.

The history of Chiang Mai can be traced back for more than 720 years as a sovereign state called "Lanna Kingdom", and that is the main reason.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


It's Actually Chilly in Chiang Mai

Don't forget to bring a parka or coat when you visit Chiang Mai in winter as the weather is chilly especially in the morning and nighttime. Sometime, the temperature can drop to single figure, and high mountains can have frozen dew too.

10 Interesting Facts About Chiang Mai


Most Pristine Forest and the Highest Peak

Chiang Mai has 14 national parks and that's the most number of all province of Thailand. Just travel away from the city centre and you can see pristine forests everywhere, surrounding the flat area where the city located. Among all, Doi Inthanon National Park in western part is the most known. This is home to the highest peak of thailand with the altitude of 2,565 metres above sea level.

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