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If you love the sea and what to discover some place new, check this out! We have select 5 best islands in the Andaman Coastline of Thailand for you to make your plan your trip to Thailand easier.

5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand

There are many beautiful beaches and islands dotting along the coast of Andaman Sea in South-West part of Thailand. This area is said to be one of the most attractive seashore of the country - home to some of the best resort towns in the world like Phuket, Khao Lak, and Krabi, as well as hundreds of marvelous islands, which allure travelers from around the world to discover its charms.


Mo Koh Similan

Mo Koh Similan is a group of 9 islands some 50 kms off the shore of Khao Lak, Phang Nga. It is a part of national Marine Park, which located furthest off the shore in Thailand. From Phang Nga's Thap Lamu Pier, you can choose from full day or overnight trip to visit some of the most beautiful islands of Similan or even go further north to Koh Ta Chai. From the pier speedboat will take around 1.20 hour to reach the island. The travel is rather long, but you can enjoy clear blue sky, boundary less sea, and cool breeze while you are onboard.

Similan Islands is one of the pristine groups of islands in the area. Each island located not so far from each other. You can only visit Koh 4 - 8 as Koh 1-3 is marine reserved park and place for turtle to lay their eggs. In Koh Miang (4th Island) you will see a curve bay which is very beautiful and has great atmosphere - you will stay here if you choose an overnight trip. The highlight of Similan Islands is the 8th Island or Koh Similan which is home to the iconic Sail Shape Rock atop the cliff. Walk through rocky path to the rock and you can enjoy 360-degree view of lush islands, sapphire blue water and blue sky (make sure to bring along your shoe as there are some tree roots and rock along the path, and the rock on at the viewpoint is quite hot under the sun).

Mo Koh Similan - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Similan Island

Koh Tachai is a small island far north of Similan Islands. This island offer unparallel white beach, which is so soft and clean, one of the most beautiful beach of Thailand. At the island you can choose to stay on the shore, enjoy peaceful moment on white beach and turquoise blue water, or go on a snorkel to see coral reefs and flocks of colorful fishes. Walk through forest path keep the eye on the leaf and hold on the floor as you can meet with cute animals Emerald Snail and Coconut Crab, which are the iconic animals of the island. Go along the way to other end of the island where you can enjoy view of rocky cliff and wave hit the shore. As this is spot offer great sunset scene, unfortunately Koh Tachai do not have accommodation, or allow you to stay overnight.

Koh Tachai - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Tachai Islands


Mo Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand's most popular destinations located 20 km off the shore of Krabi. Every year, this island welcome thousands visitors who come to see its mesmerizing beauty. It can be conveniently reach from both Phuket and Krabi with just 45 minutes by speedboat and 90 minutes ride on a ferry. The boat will drop you off at Phi Phi Don Island, where you will find hundred choices of accommodation from budget to luxurious - packed along the area surround by 2 sandy beach and sheer limestone cliff. If you come with day tour, you will go directly to see beautiful spot around the area and have a stop at Phi Phi Don for lunch.

Mo Koh Phi Phi - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Phi Phi Don Islands

The area of Phi Phi Islands has many small and big islands Just south, locates Phi Phi Leh Island which is home to world famous "Maya Bay". This place is the location for the 2000's film "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and become very attractive for its pristine white sandy beach that is hidden inside wall of limestone cliffs. Phi Phi Leh is also has many beautiful spot and Lagoon like Loh Sama Bay and snorkeling sites with coral reefs and colorful fishes.

North of Phi Phi Don is Ko Mai Phai or Bamboo Island, which offer large sandy beach and calm turquoise color water perfect for sunbathing and dip into the sea. Here also has shallow coral reefs but may not as beautiful as other Islands in Andaman Sea

Mo Koh Phi Phi - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Loh Sama Bay

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James bond Island and Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay has hundreds of big and small limestone islands set amid lush mangrove forest. Among all, one of the most famous is Koh Tapu and Khao Phing Kan, which locate near to the northern shore of the bay. If you have seen James Bond classic film The Man With Golden Gun, you will definitely recognize this island as Bond's baddie, Francisco Scaramanga hideout - which is also the reason why the island is called "James bonds Island".

Koh Tapu is limestone tower stands 20 metres high with its small part jotting into the sea make it very unique and recognisable shape - look like a nail or "Tapu" in Thai language. Near to Koh Tapu is flat limestone cliff tumbled sideways and leaned on each other called Khao Ping Kan (mountain leaning on each other).

James bond Island and Phang Nga Bay - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Tapu Island (James Bond Island)

James Bonds Island with day tour from Phuket and Phang Nga. Apart from this 2 marvelous points, the tour will brings you to other marvelous spots like Koh Panyee - a sea gypsy village which built entirely on water -- from house to school and football field. Alternatively, you can go enjoy canoeing at the enchanting cave-like rooms opens to the sky of Hong Island.

James bond Island and Phang Nga Bay - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Panyee Island


Koh Kai (4 Islands of Krabi)

Located very close to Ao Nang in Krabi province, Koh Kai or Chicken Island is one of the easiest to reach island of Andaman Sea, suitable for everyone, every age, or even for somebody who has seasick easily. Despite it convenient location, the island offer many interesting spots from shallow water snorkeling area where you can see corals and colorful fishes, and Talay Waek - one of the amazing spots very popular among Thais and foreign travelers. This Talay Waek is a long stand strip that only appears 2 times daily and connects 3 islands - Koh Kai, Koh Thap, and Koh Mo. You can walk on this sand strip and enjoy the view.

Koh Kai (4 Islands of Krabi) - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Talay Waek of Kai Island

From Ao Nang you can reach Koh Kai by long tail boat that will take only about 25 minutes, or you can buy day tour called "4 Islands" which will also take you to other interesting islands and beaches nearby. Near to Koh Kai is Koh Poda, a great spot of sunbathing and swimming. Here has beautiful long sand strip fringed with pine trees with a view of iconic limestone tower. Also you can visit Phra Nang Cave and Tham Phra Nang Beach which has very soft sand and a sacred shrine. Or enjoy cliff climbing at Railay beach.

Koh Kai (4 Islands of Krabi) - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Koh Poda


Koh Maiton

Koh Maiton or Timber Island is located about 9 km off the shore of Phuket between Phuket and Phi Phi Island. A private island recently opened to public and known for its virginity unlike any other islands nearby. Even though the island has limited infrastructure, nothing is short of paradise. You will notice the calm atmosphere and the beauty of powdery sand strip, even at the first step off the speedboat.

You can reach Koh Maiton with day tour from Phuket. The island is still not widely known among travelers but you can expect this place as one of the perfect getaways for couples to relax and honeymoon. You can spend all day long on almost empty pristine beach, under a nice sunny sky by clear turquoise sea. You can also snorkeling and scuba diving around the island, which will give an amazing experience for your vacation.

Koh Maiton - 5 Beautiful Islands of Andaman Sea you must Go when Visit Thailand
Koh Maiton (Timber Island)

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