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Vibrant wild night and long sandy beach may be what people know about this popular seaside destination, Pattaya. Here, we have 7 little facts about Pattaya only few people know which will let you travel with more fun. Let's find out!

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know


Pattaya was not Pattaya...not even a city

Pattaya without tourists, hotels, and bars may a bit hard to imagine today. However, some 30 years ago, this vibrant metropolis was only a deserted beach. Not before the indo-china war in 1980s when the city rapidly developed into famous resort town and ranked itself among the all time popular destinations of Thailand.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know

Also, the name "Pattaya" was only some years old. It was called "Tappaya" as it is believed this area is where the troop of Phraya Tak (King Taksin) rested when marched to Chantaburi almost 300 years ago. The name was later became "Pattaya" which is less tongue twist.


It's not a province

Judging from size and number of people live in the city, you may think Pattaya is the main administrative city of a province. In fact, it isn't. Pattaya is a special administration district situated within Chonburi Province, 51th largest province of Thailand (out of 77 provinces). With the bloom on tourist industry, great beach, and world famous nightlife; the city become bigger and bigger that is oversized the Chonburi City.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know


You can reach by Plane and Train

Pattaya by train or plane? No problem!

You are probably used to travel to Pattaya with private car, taxi or van but actually Pattaya has 2 train station and an international airport at service. There is 1 daily train to and from Bangkok. You can catch Train No.283 at Hua Lamphong Station at 06.55 and arrive Pattaya at 10.34. On the way back you can catch the train Train No.284 at 14.21 which will take you to Bangkok at 18.15. The ticket is as cheap as 31 baht (~80 cent), probably the cheapest way.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know

For plane, U-Tapao Internation Airport is located only 50 kms from Pattaya. Currently there is no commercial flight connection from Bangkok to Pattaya, but you can get here from Thailand's popular tourist destinations like Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Koh Samui, and Phuket. There are some international flight from destinations like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Macau as well as charter flights from around the world.

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Great Spot for Diving

If you are diving lover, Pattaya is one of the best diving sites for you offering clear and good weather all year round. Just 30 minutes of the shore, you can visit a number of islands and shipwrecks which contain many reefs and small rock pinnacles. Also, it is a great place you can get a course for PADI certifications.

The Pattaya Far Islands are known among some of Thailand's most beautiful diving sites. This is yet to includes 4 of the best shipwrecks --- including world famous wreck from WWII S.S Suddhadip or The "Hardeep" and the very first artificial reef of the country "HTMS Khram", which all locates is within advanced openwater certified divers' limit (30m or less).

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know


City of Thousands Beer Bar

Everybody knows there are a lot of beer bars in Pattaya city, but how "a lot" is that? Based on the recent count, there are roughly 1500 - 2000 beer bars scattering from one end to other. If you visiting only 1 beer bar a day it would take you over 4 years to visit them all.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know


Home to 3th Tallest Building in Thailand

The beach of Pattaya and Jomtien lined up with a number of skyscraper by the sea with Reflection Jomtien Beach Oceanfront Tower as the highest building in town. It's towering the the long beach of Jomtien with the height of 234 metres, and ranked as the 3rd highest tower in Thailand.

With this altitude, you can see as far as Sri Racha and Sattahip. Unfortunately, the tower is not open for public --- only the owners of these 2 ultra-luxurious penthouse on the top floor can have a pleasure of this exclusive panorama.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know


Just the place for Golf Lovers

There are a total of 23 (and still increasing) golf courses in Pattaya where you can exercise your swing and enjoy the day on green challenging fairways. These courses range from above average standard to the international class golf courses, with some of them renowned worldwide like Laem Chabang Country Club and the Siam Country Club. If you have a round every weekend, you will need over half a year to visit them all.

7 Little Facts About Pattaya Only Few People Know

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