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For years, Pattaya is one of the destinations in spotlight when it is about Thailand. There are tons of things to do loads of charismas to discover, especially if you love active vacation fill with activities and on-going entertainment, you will never get bored or ask for more. Some said that Pattaya is the "ultimate destination" that can fit all the needs --- is it overstated or true? Let's find it out below.

9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List


The Place for Party Lovers

The colorful and lively party mood that filled Pattaya each night can be the only reason for many travelers to visit this city. This is absolutely the place for party goers who want to get wild to the limit and top your enjoyment gauge with tons of activities that will make you forget everything.

The Place for Party Lovers - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

There are thousands of beer bars to sit and enjoy the booze, cool and chic bar if you need more fancy staffs, and even hundreds of Agogo Bars around the Walking Streets in South Pattaya that will make you drooling happily with many kind of "services" and "shows" inside.


Great for Relaxing on the Beach

There is no better place close to Bangkok if you want to hit the beach. Pattaya has been known for good beach long before all entertainments take place. You can enjoy with swimming, water activities, or lying on the sun lounger during at Pattaya and Jomtien area, as well as other smaller beaches around the area.

Great for Relaxing on the Beach - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

If you want to enjoy more relax atmosphere Koh Larn is the answer for you. This island is located just 40 minutes off the shore of Pattaya. You can take a ferryboat from Bali Hai Pier (South Pattaya) which will take you directly to the island. There are many white powdery beaches and clear water for you to enjoy.


Hot Spot for Outdoor Activists

For travelers who crave adventure and the outdoors, Pattaya is one of the best destinations in Thailand you should visit. This city has a great selection of superb and sensational outdoor activities to choose from.

Hot Spot for Outdoor Activists - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

Along the coast, you can enjoy with multitude of water activity like parasailing, jet skiing, hiking, banana boat, or fishing. Off the shore, dwell into the warm clear sea to see colorful coral reefs at rock pinnacles and shipwrecks, or take on a diving course for PADI Diving certifications. There are elephant camp where you can take on a jungle trek on the back of elephant, and also some 20 golf courses where you can exercise your swing on lush challenging fairways.


Loads of Attraction to Check-in

One big problem for many travelers is that it can sometime hard to make decision where to go during your holiday in Pattaya. There are hundreds of interesting attractions scattered around the city and off the shore, and it could take like … a month to visit them all.

Loads of Attraction to Check-in - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

If you don't want to stay idle the entire trip, Pattaya is definitely the place! There are a couple of aquarium, a dozen of museum, a number of beautiful temples like Wat Yannasang Wararam, Wat Phra Yai and Khao Cheechan, 3 water parks, vineyards, and theme parks. This is yet to include viewpoints and landmarks like The Sanctuary of Truth, Nong Nooch Park, and Khao Phra Tamnak and outlying islands like Koh Lan, Koh Khai, and Koh Phai. Try looking for Pattaya attraction in TripAdvisor, you will see what I mean.

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Easy to Travel

If you plan to visit Bangkok, spare a couple of days for Pattaya will be a great choice. This city is locates only 2 hours away and it is one of the most conveniently connected city outside the capital. You can go with route buses that run nearly a hundred times a day, metered taxi, hired car, train (1 time daily), or even minibus or van from all Bus Terminal within Bangkok.

Easy to Travel - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

You can fly to Pattaya from other popular destination of Thailand like Chiang Mai and Phuket as there are flights connected those cities with U Tapao airport, around 50 kms from Pattaya.


Best Place with Family

Sometime it can be problem when you plan a holiday trip that can make both you and your kids happy. This problem will not happen in Pattaya as this is one of the best family friendly city in Thailand and there are many places that will paint a big smile on your kid's face.

Best Place with Family - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

Among all, it is recommend taking a visit to water parks like the most popular ancient city-themed "Ramayana Water Park" or the world's first Cartoon Network-themed "Cartoon Network Amazone" which will both make you enjoy the day with plenty of slips and slides.


Plenty of Hotel Selections

What kind of hotel you like? Top-class 5 star retreats, family friendly hotel or cheap and cheerful budget guesthouses --- you will never have problem finding a favorite hotel in Pattaya. This city has massive selection of hotels and resorts, in all area from sea fringed to quiet alyssum away from town. Try Google or browse the hotel list at and you will see how many the hotels are.

Plenty of Hotel Selections - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

Also, many of popular destinations around the world will be fully booked during high season, but Pattaya always has a free slot for you.


Delicious Seafood at Your Choose

Pattaya is one of the best places to enjoy with Thai seafood dishes as it locates on the eastern coast of Thailand which is famous for seafood fresh caught from the sea. During weekend, Bangkokers take a 2 hours drive to Pattaya only for the food.

Delicious Seafood at Your Choose - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

There are loads of restaurants available --- some offers milder taste version which is well liked by westerners while some offer dazzling fusion east-meet-west. If you want to try the real Thai flavor, you can go to restaurants famous among Thais like Moom Aroi, Rimpa Lapin, Pu Pen, and Lung Sawai and order one with original taste.


Great for Shopping

If you love shopping, Pattaya has plenty of shopping opportunity to all shopaholic travelers. Though lag of luxurious brandname shop, you will find tons shopping places from malls, outlets, markets, stalls to bazaar --- all of which have their own gimmicks which can make you have fun just browsing around than just a collection of stores.

Great for Shopping - 9 Reasons Pattaya should be in Your Vacation List

One of the most popular shopping venues is Pattaya Floating Market where you can find Thai traditional items while enjoy the nostalgic sense of floating market. Visit to Mike Shopping Mall and Pattaya Night Bazaar if you want to find nice souvenir, or go to Thepprasit Road Night Market to catch the atmosphere of local market where local do their shopping during weekends.

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