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Best Street Food Venues in Bangkok

In many countries, you would need to wait until morning to satisfy your appetite, but not in Thailand, and especially not in Bangkok. In most parts of the metropolis, it is almost impossible to walk more than five or ten minutes in any direction without bumping into a food stall, usually smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk. Just follow the smells, and look for groups of people waiting for food – a sure sign you've stumbled across a popular, and tasty, roadside attraction. gather some of the most popular street food areas around Bangkok for you. If you visit Bangkok, we recommend you should visit there place and enjoy incredibly inexpensive yet delicious "street food".


Khoasan Road

Khoasan Road - Best Street Food Venues in Bangkok

If you are not sure where to start your "Bangkok eating tour", Khaosan is the place to go. Apart from cheap room, places to hang out, and one-stop-service for tourists, this 300 metres long road is the hot spot for street foods. Pad Thai, Thai style Omelettes, Khao Mok Kai, E-san sausages, fried insects, sticky rice with mango are some of the delicacies you will find. Do not hesitate to have a try. You will like it!

Do you know why Khoasan Road names Khaosan, which literally means "rice"? This road used to be the biggest rice trading in the city so it was named "Trok Khaosarn" or Rice Street. It is no surprise you will find many foods here. This street was stomach of the city from very long time.


Victory Monument

Victory Monument   - Best Street Food Venues in Bangkok

Victory Monument is now one of the biggest Food Street and major traffic intersections in Bangkok. The market is start about 11 am, but from sunset it will be more crowded with street vendors, tourists and daily passengers. Some might do the shopping, some might change the buses or vans and some might stop by good street stalls.

Kuay Tiew Rua is the signature street food in this area made from different type of noodle, meatball, tendered pork, and brown savoury broth. Each vendor have their own recipe remarkable than the others. Another dish worth trying is Khao Moo Daeng. A plate of rice covered with Thai barbecued, sliced pork, Chinese sausage and a half boiled egg --- a great meal for pork and non-spicy food lovers.


Tha Phra Chan

Tha Pra Chan is a pier on Chao Praya River, only a walking distance from The Grand Place and Khaosan Road. It is one of the main boat piers in town, filled with lively vibes from commuters and students that pass here for ferry and boats or visit for a delicious treat during the day. The markets around here are crowded with street stalls and carts and has plenty of delicious food to try.

Tha Pra Chan is a great place to visit after visiting the attractions nearby. You will see plenty choices of street vendors selling Thai sweets, fresh juices, green mango with dipping sauce, grill pork ball and sausages. If you want more than a snack, there is a small alley with many small restaurants selling inexpensive noodles and rice. Some of them have open-air space that you can enjoy the food with the view of Chao Phraya River as a side dish!


Yoawarat (China Town)

Yoawarat (China Town) - Best Street Food Venues in Bangkok

Yoawaraj is a must visit place for food lovers from all over the world. Constructed more than 100 years ago, this 1 kg long street packed with hundreds of delicious food stalls or shops, which can be found in small alleys along the main street. Not only food is so diversity and delicious here but also it is the busiest shopping area where you can find the cheapest souvenirs called "Sam Pang" and "Pahurat"!

As there are hundreds of delicious looking food for you to try, it is impossible to have all in one go. Find one you like most and have a sit at the table on the side of the road, especially the shop that has long queue.

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Sao Ching Cha and Sam Phraeng

Sao Ching Cha (the giant swing) and Sam Phraeng are the areas near to Bangkok Citi Hall and Suthat Temple. This area is one of tourist attractions in Bangkok and has many old style shop houses selling delicious dishes (and bowl) for decades.

You can find a place to eat here all day long. In the morning, there is a classic coffee shop called Kope Hya Tai Ke located on the corner just next to the giant swing where you can have a rich and cremy Thai style traditional iced coffee and Kai Kra Ta (fried eggs sprinkled with minced meat and spices) which will be a great kick start for the day. During the day, there are Khao Moo Daeng (red pork with rice), Fresh spring roll, Yen Ta Fo (pink noodle) as well as hundreds more choices you can choose.



Sao Ching Cha and Sam Phraeng - Best Street Food Venues in Bangkok

Somranrat Road is the gathering place for Phad Thai lovers as this is the place you can try the most famous Phad Thai in town at the shop calls "Thip Samai". This shop has been operated for more than 50 years and has only one menu. You will see long queue every evening waiting for a table to enjoy the signature dish.

Apart from Phad Thai, there are many things to try. Visit to the Khao Tom Ped shop where you can find stew duck in deep boiled jasmine rice, filling with hot soup and pepper. Bua Loy Khai Wan, a Thai traditional dessert made with rice flour and sweet egg will add a nice garnish for your street food experience.

Photo from: - anurakss, - lazyllama,, Mthai.Com