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Quick Tips! How to Prepare Yourself for Songkran Festival

During the hot summer months of Thailand, Songkran is the event that will relief the heat and make everything in the country splashy with fun and enjoyable moment. Here we have the quick guide for travelers who are planning to visit Thailand during Songkran festival. Despite being love-or-hate festivities (as many people don't want to get wet) this is one of the must visit event of Thailand.

Quick Tips! How to Prepare Yourself for Songkran Festival


Dress for Battle

You will get wet during the event, so be prepared by dress with light and easy to dry clothes. Don't wear brand name stuffs they'll be stained from colored water or talcum powder. In fact, you don't need to pack lots of things from home as there are clothes selling anywhere in Bangkok for real cheap. One thing to be noted, white clothes will turns transparent when they are wet.


Carry the Gun

Not the real gun though but the water gun to get ready for the fight. Loaded it with water and strap it in your pocket and when you get ambushed from other people, draw and shoot at once! Don't try to enter water combat zone unarmed. At least, try getting a bucket of water – that will surely help!

Quick Tips! How to Prepare Yourself for Songkran Festival


Don't try to hide

Be prepared when you enter water fight zone, don't try to hide just enjoy with the ambience and splash water to each other. During the event using umbrella won't really help and it'll make you a bigger target. If you want to avoid getting wet rain poncho may be a better choice.

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Don't bring too much stuff outside

The safest place to keep your documents dry is your hotel. For your mobile phone, put it in water tight sleeve you can buy everywhere is a good choice (make sure it's really water tight). Put away your backpack, travel light. If you really to bring lots of stuffs outside, make sure to put in water thigh container like ocean pack.

Quick Tips! How to Prepare Yourself for Songkran Festival


Put away Sneakers or Leather Shoes

A soggy and smelly shoe is not a good option when travelling. Instead of putting your favorite sneaker or leather shoes at risk, cheap flip-flop can be bought anywhere (including 7-11) for real cheap. Take them home as souvenir after use -- these flip-flop is not only has cool vintage look (blue and white is the most classic design) but also light and comfortable to wear.


Want more or water fight?

While the rest of Thailand finished Songkran water fight around 15th april, Pattaya is just begin. If you still in the mood for more, do not hesitate to go to Chonburi and Pattaya -- which are just 2 hours from Bangkok. Songkran water fight here will never let you down, as it world-widely known for wild fight especially around the beach and south Pattaya area.

Quick Tips! How to Prepare Yourself for Songkran Festival


Put away Sneakers or Leather Shoes

It can be troublesome to travel around during the even without getting wet. From A to B point, taxi is the best option. You can either ask your hotel reception to call a cab or use Uber App (which is more recommending for foreign visitors). In Bangkok metered taxi start from only 35 THB (~1 USD) and it's usually not cost over 150 THB to get around downtown area. Skytrain and MRT also a good choice because there will be no water fight in the station (as so for all indoor area). If you want to go to the airport, Airport Transfer is probably the best option available.

Photo from: Matthew Karste, Vadim Dyskin, Nantpipat Vutthisak, NattapolStudiO