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Summer of Thailand is arriving with plenty of sun and sea to enjoy. This time, we will take you to some of the most remarkable seaside resorts of Thailand --- from Koh Chang on the east coast to Koh Lanta on the southern tip. If you looking for a place to enjoy with the pureness of Thailand seashore, read through below, you will surely found the place just perfect for you.

Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand


Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a perfect stopover for holiday seekers who want a quite vacation away from crowds and surrounded by pristine nature. There are dozens tranquil beaches dotting north to south known for laidback atmosphere. Even when the island's peak season you will surely find a nice stretch of beach only for yourself.

Koh Lanta - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

Saladan is the tourist sub at the northern tip of the island, where you can find many tour operators, restaurants, convenient stores, and shops, just a perfect starting point for your Lanta Trip. When you travel down south, you will find many nice beaches - from the most developed Khlong Dao Beach to the quiet Bamboo Bay --- the further you go down the island, the less crowded you will find.



Locates on the western coast of Thailand, Phuket is known blissful moment on white beaches by warm clear water. It is not just a resort town but the entire island is the tropical holiday paradise.

Phuket - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

You can come to enjoy blissful moment on white beaches by warm clear water, especially at beautiful beaches on the western coast of the island -- Surin Beach, Kamala Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Beach. This is yet to included top hit "Pathong Beach" which not only offer white long sandy stretch, but right beyond the beach is also hustle and bustle town filled with restaurants, shopping places, and entertainments that will give you the buzz through the night.

Apart from the beaches, you can also visit Laem Phrom Thep to see the spectacular sunset on the Andaman Sea. Pay respect to sacred temple at Wat Chalong, as well as discover local delicacies in the Old Town Phuket. If you want for more, the outlying islands of Phuket islands like Racha Island, Koh Maiton, and Khai Island will definitely give you an exciting experience.



If talk about Pattaya, the scene of nightlife and entertainment with girls (and boys) sits under flickering lights in front of bars will come into your head. However, apart from that scene, Pattaya also have a more serene side with relaxing atmosphere, great beach and sea to enjoy.

Pattaya - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

Around Phratamnak Hill, just south of Pattaya locates some of the most quite mood hotels and resorts in the city. It is just 10 minutes from the famous walking street yet offer quiet atmosphere and great view for you to relax. Further south from Jomtien beach to Sattahip along Sukhumvit Road is home choices of resorts with private ambience. Enjoy swimming by the sea, and walking along the beach while enjoying sunset. Also, just off the shore is Koh Larn. This island has clean beach and clear water, just like southern Thailand, but only 20 minutes off the shore from Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya.

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Koh Chang

This biggest island on the Eastern shoreline is long known as relaxing paradise within reach. With the location only around 4 hours from Bangkok, this is one of the most popular offshore getaways for Bangkokers especially during long weekend and a serene retreat for travelers who like to dwell into the sea, clam atmosphere, and lush forest of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

From north to south, there are a number of beaches along the western coast you can visit. All of them feel more serene comparing to other popular beach of eastern Thailand. White Sand Beach the most develop where is the vital stop if you short of anything. Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach fill with beautiful resorts you can enjoy idyllic moment on hammock with your favorite book and while listening to the music of the nature and ocean waves hits the shores.

Also, if you are an adventurous type traveler, Koh Chang has loads of activities for you from kayaking, jungle trekking, scuba diving, to snorkeling.


Hua Hin

Just 2 hour from Bangkok locates Hua Hin, a laid-back resort town which is an all time popular destination for seaside holiday, and one of the most popular by-the-sea retreats for Bangkokers.

This place welcomes visitors with great atmosphere, nice food, lines of accommodation, and plenty of activities for everyone in your family. You can occupy a beach chair and indulge with gentle sea breeze, get pampering with rejuvenating treatments at spas, or visit Hua Hin Night Market to have delicious seafood treat that is so cheap and delicious. In town, there are chic and chill bazaars and floating markets just great for browse around, plenty of water parks to enjoy splashing fun and relief the heat. This is yet to include the adventure opportunity in the pristine forest just west of the town.
Hua Hin - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is probably among the very first name when it is about beach retreats in Thailand. If you love to spend time with water activities or simply lying under the sun, this island has plenty to offer.

Koh Samui - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

There are many beaches on the island that can suite all the favor and mood. Chaweng is the most popular beach. It's 7 kms long white sand and sparkling water fills with numerous accommodations from budget to luxurious retreat. Lamai Beach to the south offers far less crowd with laidback moods. Away from beaches, there are numbers of incredible view and places to see like a very popular photo spot Hin Ta Hin Yai, Na Muang Waterfall, monkey school and zoo. And if you want to relax, Samui is the place you can find the finest spa treatments in the country.


Koh Tao

This bean shaped island off the shore of Surat Thani never short of things for travelers, best known as one of the excellent hideaway beaches of Thailand. You will find secluded white sand strips hidden in the rocky terrain in addition to loads of adventurous opportunities. Stay at resorts with amazing setting and enjoy the "one and only" unique atmosphere and the most remarkable scenery you can find nowhere else in Thailand.

Koh Tao - Reside by the Seaside - The Most Charming Resort Towns of Thailand

Koh Tao locates 50 kilometers north of Koh Samui or about 2 hours away by ferry. This laid-back island paradise is popular destination for divers because of its splendid white sandy beaches, exotic tropical coral, and crystal clear waters. There are huge numbers of dive operators and diving school on Koh Tao, so make sure you do not miss out the opportunity. On the north of Koh Tao is the famous Nang Yuan Island -- this is a great day trip with great view you must not miss.

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