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Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

If you plan to visit Thailand but don't know how to prepare read through this blog. We collect all useful tips and tricks for you -- from what to wear, what to eat, and what to do.

• Bangkok is central of everything

Travel, shopping, nightlife and business --- nothing is short in Bangkok. It is the most expansive city in Thailand, and in fact center of everything. All foreign embassies are located in Bangkok as well.

• But you need ages to spell it's full name right!

OK. Let's try! "Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit" --- That's it!

Bangkok has the longest capital name of the world and it doesn't even have the word "Bangkok" in it.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• No need to pack thick clothes

It's HOT!! -- even in the middle of the coolest months of year. Light cloth is perfect for all year round. You will feel cool air in the morning, but when the sun getting stronger the weather becomes so hot and humid.

Pack a light jacket if you visit northern and north-eastern (E-San) part of Thailand during the year's end as the weather can be around 15 – 18 C. in the morning. For high mountain, it can plummet down to single figure.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• You need to dress properly to visit Temple

Temples consider as sacred place and need to be respectful when visit, especially Temple of Emerald Buddha, the country most important temple. If you plan to visit, please dress clothing that cover your shoulder and knees -- no revealing tops, no tight fitting pants, no holes on jeans, etc. A scarf worn around the shoulders over a tank top is acceptable (or used as a makeshift long skirt). Many big temples also have cotton pants and skirts for you to borrow.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• Don't touch other people's head

For Thais, Head is considered the most sacred part of the body, so it's not polite to touch other people's head even you know them well. In contrast, doing things with feet or put your feet up in public are also rude as people consider it as not clean part of body.

• Don't talk about the king

Seriously, it may be better not to talk about king or royal family at all

• Food stall can be found everywhere

You will see food stalls everywhere from the front of your hotel, on street corner, in front of minimart, and on every street's pavements. Thailand is known for food, especially these street-side galore. Make sure to grab and enjoy or you definitely miss great thing. They are delicious!

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• Don't expect Thai food to taste like at your home

You may have tried Thai food from Thai Restaurant around near your home, but don't expect that Thai food in Thailand will taste he same. In Thailand, food is spicier and the taste is more intense. You will cough if you try to have a sip "Tom Yum Goong" soup and if you sit near to the kitchen and order a dish of "Pad Kraphrao" you will sniff and have watery eyes before you can eat!

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• Toilet paper is used for everything

Don't be surprised if you see a roll of toilet paper on your table at restaurant. Thai people use it to clean everything. Feel free to use this paper to wipe your mouth or clean your hand. It may feel a little awkward at first, but you'll get used to it.

• Hot girl you see may not be a lady

See a sexy girl on street and she looks absolutely gorgeous? Make sure she is not "he" before saying "hi"! Thailand is famous for lady boys and many of them are incredibly beautiful.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• Songkran is not a great time to go explore around.

If you want to have fun, Songkran is the perfect time. However, if you want to come to Thailand for explore temples, palaces, or shopping, other time may be a better idea. You will surely get wet (with water) wherever you go.

There is a joke (but sounds very seriously) --- If you want to go grab anything at the nearest minimart, you definitely need to plan the way thoroughly or you'll be soaked from head to toe.

• Quickest way to get through Bangkok traffic jam is motorbike taxi

If you see motorbike parking at street side with driver wearing colorful vest, they are motorbike taxi or "mortersai rabjang" in Thai. You can call one to go to your destination. They will make short cut through small streets and traffic jammed to make you arrived in a jiffy. It is not good for a long distance journey (dangerous and can be very expensive) and don't forget to ask for the price first.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• But the most reliable (and never scam you) is BTS and MRT

Sky train and Subway are the most favourite choice for Bangkokers as they are very reliable and you can control your time (mostly). Although the coverage is far from excellent, it is good enough to avoid traffic jam especially when you want to go downtown or to Jatajak Market.

Things You Need to Know before Going to Thailand

• Carry toilet paper

Imagine you finish your toilet business, look around and realize there is no toilet paper but a blow and water tank! In Thailand, they do the cleaning with water. You will see a faucet or a water blow that you clean use to clean yourself. If you can't get use to, it is a better idea to carry your own toilet paper or make haste to your hotel room to do the business.

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