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Sri Saket Thailand Hotels

Sri Saket
clear picture Sri Saket, or also written as Sisaket, is a province in the north-eastern region of Thailand. It is located approximately 570 km east of Bangkok. Travelling to Sri Saket takes about 8-9 hours by car from the country's capital.

Sri Saket is bordering Cambodia to its south. Due to its location, there are many ruins from the ancient Khmer era found in Sri Saket province. Other tourist attractions in Sri Saket include Khao Phra Wihan National Park, which is a home to various kinds of wildlife.

Woven slik and cotten cloths are one of the famous local products in Sri Saket. Its unique pattern, called "Khit" by locals, makes it an ideal souvenir for those who visit Sri Saket province. Salterned eggs and tropical fruits are also among those must-try products in this region.

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